Welcome to Express Non Lawyer
We are a non-lawyer service here to assist you in the preparation of certain legal documents without the use of an attorney to keep your cost to a minimum.

Many people cannot afford to retain an attorney and others desire to handle matters without the use of an attorney when able. While we are not attorneys and cannot give legal advice/advise, we can assist individuals in the proper completion of certain legal documents.

The Supreme Court of Florida has given its approval for non-lawyers to assist the public in completion and filing of certain legal documents.

We at Express Non Lawyer are proud to serve the general public, work with attorneys, various lenders, title and escrow companies and many others as we have been serving the Melbourne, Florida area and many others all over the world for more than the past 34 years, which has provided us extensive knowledge of the court system which affords us the privilege of assisting you.

It’s important to have all the required forms prepared correctly and submitted on time. At Express Non Lawyer you can be sure all forms are filled out correctly, fully and include everything required.

We provide notarization services and prepare all types of legal forms for many situations including but not limited to Notary Service, Divorce, Child Support, Paternity, Evictions, Deeds, Durable Power of Attorney, Wills, Summary Probate and much more.

We know that you have other options available to you and we appreciate your consideration as we are committed to provide you with expedient, professional and accurate services.