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Quit Claim Information Sheet

Please fill out this our printable form and bring it with you to our office, and, or submit it to our office via email.

Quit Claim Deed Form

  • $75.00+ per deed (if using standard deed) $150.00+ per Corrective deed $190.00+ for Successor Trustee Deed with Affidavit $40.00 per affidavit if applicable (ie: Signing as Durable Power of Attorney, etc.)
  • Please contact the courthouse in the county the real property is located in to determine the total estimated fees to be paid to that courthouse to record new deed.
  • BE AWARE that adding a person/entities on your deed as a current owner is FINAL upon being recorded at the courthouse and their name/ownership usually cannot be removed without the expressed permission and signature of all added persons/entities. All information contained herein is for informative purposes only and should NEVER be construed as legal advice. YOU MUST CONTACT a licensed attorney to obtain legal advice as to all the benefits and/or ramifications of signing a new deed.
  • (examples: John Doe, married man, 11 Brevard Ave., Melbourne FL 32901, or, John Doe and Jane Doe, husband and wife, 11 Brevard Ave., Melbourne FL 32901, or Express L C L Services, Inc., a FL corp., 129 W. Hibiscus Blvd. Suite T, Melbourne FL 32901)
  • (Some examples: as husband and wife, 100% to the one person, 50/50, 1/3 each to three people, joint owner with survivorship rights, only upon death, life estate rights or other specification(s) of your choosing).
  • First Person's Information

  • Second Person's Information

  • Third Person's Information


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Quit Claim Information Sheet