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Family Member Adoption Information

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  • Our fee starts at: $450.00 (for up to 2 Petitioners, up to 2 Biological Parents, and up to a total of 3 adoptees, additional fees of $50.00 incurred for each additional persons above the listed total above and possible additional fees of $150.00 or more may be incurred for complex issues or related cases as determined by Express Nonlawyer.)


  • (ie: child support/guardianship, custody, previous adoptions, etc., if applicable)
  • Full legal name(s) of Person(s) adopting (no nicknames or initials):

  • Present employer(s) and job title(s) / description(s):

  • Annual Salary

  • List the Date(s) and Place(s) of any divorces of adoptive parent(s) (if applicable):

  • Information for the Biological parents of the person(s) to be adopted


Information On Person(s) To Be Adopted:

    First Person

  • For last FIVE years, list the kids' residences:



  • Are there any court proceedings presently involving person(s) to be adopted. (If yes, please state county, state, case number and description of case.)


    (2) They are only assisting me in the proper preparation of these documents so that I can represent myself in this matter without an attorney. They have further informed me that legal representation by an attorney would advise me of all legal rights that I may have arising out of this action. The legal documents prepared by EXPRESS L C L SERVICES, INC dba EXPRESS NONLAWYER, have been prepared in accordance with the information provided by me in my desire to represent myself in this transaction.

    I declare:

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    (4) I understand that any and all payments made to EXPRESS L C L SERVICES, INC dba EXPRESS NONLAWYER, for the preparation of any documents are non-refundable and that I have been informed that I must pick up my documents within 90 days of completion or the documents may be destroyed and/or I may incur additional fees as determined applicable by the Staff of EXPRESS L C L SERVICES, INC dba EXPRESS NONLAWYER.


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